REMODEL (From Drab to FAB!)

Project #3

For most designers, the “unveiling” of a newly remodeled or decorated home is the highlight of the project. But personally, it’s a toss up between the thrill of working a zillion hours a day to meet a tight deadline and seeing your clients reaction when they see the house for the first time. It’s exhilarating, nerve wrecking and worth every penny.

I am a firm believer in answering my phone and responding to people immediately. Thank goodness I practice what I preach. My phone rang in a noisy restaurant but I excused myself to take the “blocked” call. The voice on the other line was an unfamiliar british accent. The client was referred to me by a local real estate agent. The client(s) lived in London and they were looking to remodel and furnish a home in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada as their holiday home. The client hates the color brown and wanted to transform this home into her black & white contemporary holiday house…in a couple of weeks.

Little did I know the home was a traditional “brown” home (floor to ceiling). No worries, I love a challenge. I got straight to work and thank goodness for late night emails, texts and chats.  The final product was brilliant.  The clients love their new home and are able to enjoy the Las Vegas sunshine.  Here’s what the house looked like BEFORE I got my hands on it…

IMG_1545 IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1558






BEFORE photo of  Dark and unassuming family room

BEFORE photo of
Dark and unassuming family room





AFTER: Bold, Beautiful & Stylish!!!

Now, an inviting space to entertain.

Now, an inviting space to entertain.





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