Design Tips

Hello! Welcome to the new My Favorite Design Blog!

Paint…I think paint is the easiest and most economical way to change your current space.  Freshen it up, give it a facelift, really give your living space a brand new feel.  As they say, if you don’t like the color of the paint, paint over it.  It’s all really that simple.  Now, what’s not so simple is coming up with the right color and finish. Don’t be afraid of trying new and different colors on the walls.  One trend many are moving away from is the almighty focal point wall.  One wall is painted a different color (maybe darker or lighter) than the other 3 walls in the room.  It’s almost old school to do this any more.  So, if you have a room that needs a little extra love, start by painting the entire room the same color.  Eggshell is my go to finish for main area living spaces.  Cleans well, and doesn’t have a bright sheen that makes your walls glow.  Satin is the next best thing.  I’d stay away from flat finish altogether if you have kids.  Not very forgiving.  Sherwin Williams is the paint I typically use for all my projects.  custom_image