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4 Key Details For Your Next Kitchen Customization

May 17, 2024
MFD/Kitchen Reno

When it comes to your kitchen, personalization is everything. We know life is is crazy busy, so why make life in your kitchen anything other than convenient, comfortable, and orderly?! Keep these 4 key MFD details in mind for your next kitchen customization.

Keep The Counters Clear

MFD/Kitchen Reno

Counter space is crucial to a clean and orderly kitchen, which is why we recommend storing all unnecessary every day items in your cabinets! You can store blenders, coffee grinders, pots & pans, and even hand towels in drawers and other areas of your kitchen in order to keep the counters fresh & glistening. This also helps to prevent build up of dust behind counter appliances! Before you set up anything on your counter, be sure to check for extra drawers or cabinet space for storage.

Minimal Decor is Better

MFD/Kitchen Reno

If you have open shelving or space above your cabinetry, then opt for minimal decor to deter from clutter & dust build up. Make life easier by displaying only a few items in your open shelving to help with cleaning tactics in your kitchen. By having minimal decor, your eye can be drawn to other design elements in your newly built kitchen, such as fabulous pendant lighting or upholstered counter stools. Decor in shelving or above cabinetry can either tie a space together or disrupt the overall look of the space so be careful when choosing colors and textures for your decor!

Accessorize With a Goal

MFD/Kitchen Reno

There's nothing worse than starting a project and then hating the overall look two weeks later! Before you start adding in decor, shuffling shelving around, and buying light fixtures & seating, you'll want to sit down and strategize your vision. Lay out sample fabrics, hardware, colors, and even items such as family heirlooms that you know will be part of your final design. Utilize a few brainstorming sessions to fall in love with your kitchen design BEFORE you make that leap and start spending money. Remember, if you don't love the design on paper, then you won't love the design in reality.

Show Who You Are

MFD/Kitchen Reno

If your style is colorful, vibrant, and artistic, then show that off in your kitchen through custom painted cabinetry or a fun accent wall! If your style is sleek, sophisticated, and modern, then show off your style through contemporary light fixtures & swanky counter stools! The world of design is truly made to be uniquely yours, so whatever your style is, be sure to customize your kitchen to YOUR liking. Let's be honest, we all spend most of our time in our kitchens whether that be for morning coffee, family gatherings, hosting on the weekends, or late night snack runs to the fridge, so make your kitchen uniquely yours & enjoy every minute in it! Stay true to your ideal color palette, know what you like, and what you don't like. Your kitchen will be beautiful & make you feel truly at home!

At My Favorite Design, Inc. we specialize in kitchen renovations & customization so we know exactly what it takes to make a kitchen fit perfectly to our clients' needs. Take these 4 key details for your next kitchen customization, but if you need a helping hand, you can always contact our design team for guidance!

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