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4 Ways to Boost Your Entryway

August 25, 2023
MFD Entry

Have you ever thought "WOW" when walking into someone else's home? Well why not be amazed when you walk into your own home every day...

All great things begin with an entryway. You first have to find your style & let the design come to life. No matter big or small, your entryway can be transformed into a great first impression by following along these 4 trends.

Stairway to Heaven

When you walk through your front door and there's not much room to utilize, then your staircase should be the focal point of your entryway. By creating a sweeping entrance with your eye drawn to the sleek staircase, the room not only feels bigger, but the staircase seems to go on forever. You can make your staircase functional, yet a piece of art. This black iron staircase was perfect for sitting nicely underneath the double-ironed chandelier as well as the adorning double black front doors. The entryway is cohesive all due to the staircase being the focal point of the space.

MFD Entry

It's All About The Doors

If you have a large space for double front doors, then go ahead and make that your statement piece! There's nothing better than a grand entrance, especially when multiple guests can walk through at once. This leaves the space to feel fresh and clean. This project focuses on the grand arched front doorway as the entryway's focal point & the simplistic chandelier overhead with the chic white walls makes this front door truly stand out.

MFD Entry

Keeping it Simple

If you have an expansive entryway, like this custom Ascaya home, then leave it open and simple. Sometimes the best trend is simplicity, and that's exactly what we did for this space. We purposively left most of the entryway open so that it didn't feel crowded or overbearing. This makes the flow of the house begin from the front door to the backyard. We also added simple custom drapery to the top of the front doors to make the space feel cohesive and elegant. This entryway is sleek and modern, which is perfect for entertaining friends at the baby grand piano.

MFD Entry

Curb Appeal is Key

If you're not looking to make remodels to the inside of your home, then let the outside of your home shine! Curb appeal is the first impression before the actual impression of the home begins. This project makes the eye drawn to the massive stonework and freshly planted flowers around the perimeter. This creates the illusion that the home is much larger than it is since the stonework adds depth and dimension to the facade. The entryway of this home is narrow, which is why we made sure to decorate the curb appeal surrounding the front door to an impeccable design so that guests say WOW before they even enter.

MFD Entry

Entryways are always so fun to decorate & remodel. We love bringing happiness to each and every one of our clients and we can't wait to share more trends and tips on our blog.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out more of My Favorite Things.