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5 Dining Room Trends to Keep for 2023

September 15, 2023
MFD/Dining Room

A home is a space for relaxation & ease, but for those summer nights entertaining friends & family or those fall afternoon get-togethers, your home will definitely need a dining room for every occasion! At MFD, we take pride in creating one of a kind looks for our clients and we are always looking to keep our clients' homes up to date with appliances, trends, and styles that will be timeless and elegant. Take a look at these MFD designs that feature our 5 dining room trends to keep for 2023.

Wallpaper on Top

MFD/Dining Room

A dining room doesn't have to focus on the table or even the chairs...go for the upscale trend of having high-end wallpaper on your ceiling instead! This glamorous look featured in our Ridges home remodel aims to keep the dining room set quite simplistic and not colorful so that the eye is actually drawn above to the unique ceiling treatment. This brings a warmth to the space without taking away from the furniture.

Statement Lighting

MFD/Dining Room

If you have modern/contemporary furniture then it's time to brighten up your space with statement light fixtures! By having sleek lines within the furniture and flooring, this allows for your overhead lighting to be fun & vibrant that also brings a touch of sophistication to the entire space. This also allows for recess overhead lighting to not be needed and brings in a warm lighting instead.

Built-In For Life

MFD/Dining Room

We're keeping the built-ins for 2023! Don't demolish your old built-in. Instead, give it a makeover with some fresh paint and new hardware. This allows for your dishes to be stored away from every day items as well as being a wonderful statement piece in your dining room. The perfect amount of storage & usage is the combo you need for your 2023 dining room built-in.

Custom Drapery

MFD/Dining Room

If you want to make a space more inviting, then you should opt for custom drapery! By having your drapes hang to the floor, this creates a wonderful tone for the space & can make for a great contrast to the statement furniture in the room. Like this above dining room remodel, the upholstered red velvet seating remains as the focal point while the custom drapes tie in the simplistic background of this space.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

MFD/Dining Room

If you don't have windows in your dining room...we've got you covered! By adding mirrors to the back drop of your dining room as well as an adjacent wall, then this makes the space feel brighter & much larger, which creates a much more inviting atmosphere. It's also much more enjoyable to dine with friends and family in a space that doesn't feel closed in, so by adding large mirrors, this creates the illusion you're in an open-concept living & dining area.

Dining rooms tend to be the focal point for friends & family to enjoy together so why not make yours a stand out! By following these 5 trends, we're sure your dining room will be the best around.

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