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A Partnership...11 Years In The Making

February 9, 2024

Even though we have been a mother/daughter duo for 22 years...we always had a feelings we'd make great business partners! From adventures together in the local Las Vegas area to trips across Europe, we have been fortunate enough to be family as well as teammates in the interior design world. Get to know more about our story below!

Born To Be in The Business

Whether it was after school trips to see light fixtures or selecting fabrics at nearby showrooms before dance classes, we were constantly on the move for interior design finds while spending quality time together. Working in the business takes time and energy even on weekends, but family always comes first so blending the two together seemed the only possible answer. And good thing we did because it was an easy transition for Jordan into the trade after graduating from college!

MFD/Dynamic Duo

A Traveling Designer & Her Assistant

When Laura needed to travel out of state for various projects, she always thought of bringing Jordan along for the ride. Whether it was Coeur d'Alene or Los Angeles, Jordan was the make shift assistant during the projects...taking notes for measurement, being the photographer during construction sites, and gaining that exposure into the interior design life. After time spent at the job sites, this dynamic duo would grab dinner or find fun activities in the local area and catch up on life. It was always the best of both worlds!

MFD/Dynamic Duo

Helping Out & Laughing Along The Way

In Las Vegas, Jordan was a cheerleader at Bishop Gorman and busy with school, but whenever she could, she'd visit Laura at job sites and help in anyway she could. Whether it was putting the final touches in a living room, sweeping the floors before furniture was delivered, or just keeping her mom company, this duo definitely made time to see one another. We had lots of fun decorating various homes in the Vegas area together & we'd always be smiling and laughing.


We're so fortunate to be in this business together & we wouldn't have it any other way! It's been a great few months working as a team and we are just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates on what this dynamic duo brings to the design world.

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