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How To: Design Your Perfect Staircase

October 27, 2023
This black steel staircase makes for the perfect entry to this home!

When homeowners take on renovations on their own, they sometimes forget one crucial aspect...the staircase. Budgets can be stretched for high-end kitchen appliances or trinkets in the primary bathroom, but if you don't put in money for a luxurious staircase, then the home won't be cohesive. Here is what you should know when designing the perfect staircase for your home.

Quality Over Quantity


If you're already approaching your maximum budget for a home renovation, then don't stress about your staircase being extravagant and grand. Instead, opt for a clean look that is simple and sturdy. This Coeur d'Alene vacation home features a two-story living room with a custom stone fireplace that was the focal point of the entire downstairs area. For this reason, we kept the design of the staircase simple with mixed wood & metal elements and a staircase that could stand against kids running up and down all day long. The client's were satisfied with their simple staircase because it kept their eyes drawn to the fabulous fireplace down below and their kids could run freely from downstairs to upstairs in their winter clothes and boots.

Light Fixtures Are Your Best Friend


If you're going for a more contemporary look for your home renovation, then a sleek staircase is the way to go. We loved using this concrete staircase with metallic railing for a more modern look in this Ridges home. The staircase itself blends into the custom wall treatment and also compliments the soothing tones of the flooring and wall paint. However, the light fixtures are what make this staircase a standout. The luxurious chandelier features eight pendant light fixtures that dangle at different lengths as you go up and down the stairs, which brings an elevated design to this staircase. The actual staircase itself is sleek and a neutral tone, which allows you to bring in color through light fixtures and artwork.

Don't Be Afraid of Carpet


Sometimes your budget can only be stretched so far & in that case, opt for a plush carpet finish on your staircase steps for comfort and durability. Every project is different and when having smaller children around, sometimes carpet is the way to go. This contemporary home remodel in North Las Vegas features this stunning staircase in the entryway that was amplified with new metal railings and dark hardwood. The steps were outlined in brand new carpeting to bring a warmer vibe to the look of this space. The key is finding a quality carpet that is easy to clean and one that is cohesive to the surrounding elements of the home.

Every home is unique so when making a space your own, keep in mind what's important to you and your family. The staircase should always be a priority because you'll use it everyday and you want to design something beautiful that you can look at day & night!

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