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How To: Upgrade Your Home's Exterior

March 1, 2024
This contemporary home remodel in Summerlin, NV was so fun for the MFD Team! Bringing the Mediterranean style to the desert, this exterior focuses on lush greenery and stone accents.

Are you saving up for a Spring Upgrade? Look no further than MFD's 3 tips when it comes to upgrading the exterior of your home! We'll help you turn your home into a customized and luxurious oasis with these easy go-to ideas. Read more below!

Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean

This Ascaya home remodel features contemporary elements from the moment you step foot onto the property. With an open concept design, this home features the luxurious lifestyle of Las Vegas living.

In the Las Vegas Valley, we've seen more and more contemporary style homes being built, which means more room for desert landscaping, cool lines, and expansive views of Downtown! When upgrading the exterior of your contemporary home, keep in mind this motto: "Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean." Don't crowd your exterior entrance with trinkets and distracting elements, keep the cohesiveness of the modern look with a darker color palette, glass doors, and minimal lighting. You can find more exterior inspiration for contemporary looks on our website!

Stone Work


Brighten up your exterior with some great stone work! If you're looking to save on cost, then opt for stone work that only covers a portion of your exterior near windows and the main entryway. This will help outline the gorgeous features of your home without breaking the bank! Choose a stone that blends into the surrounding landscape to keep a cohesive look from the street to the backyard. You can find more stone work ideas on our website!

Trim Around The Front Door


One of the most simple techniques to brightening up the exterior of your home can be adding black trim to your front door! This allows for the eye to be drawn to the entrance of your home instead of the dull stucco that may surround most of the exterior. As seen above, by adding black trim to the double glass doors and incorporating grand planters, this new exterior is warm and inviting without changing too much of the facade. You can find more exterior entrances on our website!

Don't miss out this upcoming Spring for some project upgrades to your home. Follow these three easy guidelines to turn your home from DRAB to FAB!

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