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Move In Day: The Do's & Don'ts

March 8, 2024
MFD/Move In

What's better than Demo Day...Move In Day!! At MFD, we cover everything from home designs, renovations, decor, and the final stage of bringing a new home to life, which is the process of moving in our clients' furniture, artwork, and more. Take a look at some of our do's & don'ts when it comes to your next move in day.

Cover. The. Floors.

Covering your floors should always be the first step for move in day! You don't want those beautifully redone and polished floors to be scratched, tarnished, or scuffed when having your new sofa delivered or when multiple people are dragging in dirt from the outside. We suggest laying down plastic wrap the day or night before the actual move in date so that all areas are covered the morning of & every corner and edge is sealed. Use painter's tape to keep the tarp covered in all areas and you can cover all types of flooring including carpet, tile, and wood.

MFD/Move In

Rent a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster for your home renovation is always a must, but don't forget to rent one the day of move in! Sometimes when furniture is delivered, there are pieces that have to be assembled, thus there are multiple boxes and empty crates that need to be cleared from the area. Dumpsters can be rented at various locations and you can even rent one for multiple days! Don't try and save money on going with the smaller dumpster if you KNOW your furniture will need assembling, you'll be wishing you opted for the large one instead!

MFD/Move In

Accessorize Room by Room

We get so excited when we see furniture flying through the door and into their designated areas, but the accessorizing of rooms should happen way after every area rug, sofa, bedding, and nightstand is laid in its place! You don't want to get caught up in fluffing up the pillows or finding throw blankets that go with your living room set while there's other major pieces to be concerned about. Leave the pillows, blankets, lighting, and picture frames for when the moving in is done and you have the entire space to visualize!

MFD/Move In

Have Your Home Cleaned Before Moving In

We cannot stress this one enough! Having a freshly cleaned home post-renovation is the best way to go BEFORE your furniture arrives. Sometimes when people know move in day is upon them, they overlook the dirt on the floors or the dust on the kitchen cabinets because they can always be cleaned later; however, we suggest having professional cleaners come to your door before the move-in date just so the space feels and looks fresh. This also makes it easier to clean once more post-move in day without the original dirt and grim getting on your new and luxurious furniture. Creating a clean space for clean pieces to be placed in makes life so much easier during move in.

MFD/Move In

If you have other questions about move in day then feel free to contact My Favorite Design! We'd be happy to help you bring luxury living to your home.

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