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Travel With Us: Charleston, S.C.

August 11, 2023
MFD Travel Inspo/Charleston

Come explore the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina with the MFD Family! Our trip two years ago was one to remember. From the cobblestone streets, historic buildings, exquisite food & wine, and so much more, this town was perfect for our family of four for Christmas. Read below for more tips & insights into this charming destination.

Food, Food, Food.

MFD Travel/Restaurants

Charleston, S.C. is known for its gourmet cuisine and delicious seafood. It's no wonder we had one of the best meals in the historic downtown district with our close friends in the area! The oysters at High Cotton were incredible and the service is top-tier. Everyone is very welcoming and the atmosphere in the Charleston restaurants is lovely. Cheesy grits and barbecue are sold in several locations in the area so be sure to try out some of these local dishes!

Behind The Gates

MFD Travel/Iron Features

If you go walking along King Street, you'll come across some of the most exquisite gates and iron features that date back to the settlement days. The one thing about Charleston is that homeowners take pride in their landscape and look of their homes, which is what makes this city so charming. Horse drawn carriages go by on an hourly basis so be sure to be in the area when they do!

Secret Passageways

MFD Travel/Details

Around nearly every corner you can find rich history & beauty in this city. If you go walking in the historic downtown neighborhood be sure to take your time because you never know what's behind walls. Most homes have preserved historic elements into the renovated looks of their designs and they've allowed history to be an elegant touch on their properties. While walking through the city be sure to read the plaques on various walls and entrances to get a sense of what use to be there more than 100 years ago!

If you are planning to visit Charleston, we highly recommend it! It's such a great city for various ages and there's something for everyone. Take your time, eat oysters, walk until you can't anymore and then do it all again the next day!

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out more of My Favorite Things.

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