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Travel With Us: Paris, France

September 1, 2023
MFD Travel/Paris

In November, we traveled to Paris, France for a very special occasion...30 years of marriage! We are so blessed and we treated ourselves to a French getaway filled with museums, spectacular sights, good food, and even more amazing wine. We enjoyed every moment & we wanted to share more of this Parisian experience with all of you. Come along as we travel to the beautiful & luxurious city of Paris.

Convertibles & Cobblestone

We loved walking along the historic cobblestone-lined streets and seeing the cutest collectible cars all lined up. We enjoyed daily walks around the city with our delicious coffees, and we listened to the street performers for miles. Our breakfasts were filled with fresh fruits & warm hot chocolate because why's vacation!

MFD Travel/Paris

Museums & Photo Ops

We couldn't go all the way to Paris and not see the beautiful museums & sights. The Eiffel Tower was always in view whether it was lit up at night or standing tall during the day. The Louvre is always so grand and magical, it even made for great MFD headshots abroad. We purchased French trinkets from small business owners along the way, such as this comfortable gray sleeveless sweater that was chic & warm for those November nights walking along the Seine.

MFD Travel/Paris

A Trip Filled With Love

It was a quick trip abroad, but we had the most amazing time! We always love to travel with each other and our family, which is why we will definitely be coming back to Paris.

"Paris le jour, Paris la nuit, sous soleil ou sous la pluie, Paris sera toujours....Paris!"

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out more of My Favorite Things.

MFD Travel/Paris