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Wallpaper, Wallpaper...More Wallpaper

May 31, 2024

It's time to get into one of our favorite topics...wallpaper!! At My Favorite Design, we believe in the highest quality of products for our clients & we're sharing some insight into our go-to brands. Come along as we discuss all things wallpaper!

Wrap The Room


When it comes to wallpaper, a space can feel cohesive and elevated with a simple trick...wrap the entire room in a seamless mural design for the ultimate luxurious feel! This JF Fabrics mural made this home den turn into a moody and cozy theatre room without breaking the bank. The focal point of this room is the wallpaper itself, which is why no other artwork, bold colors, or unnecessary furniture needed to be added or installed to bring life into this space. By wrapping the entire room in one high-end wall dressing, this room became a showstopper all on its own. You can find more of our JF Fabrics looks on our website and Instagram!

Texture & Feel To Mix it Up


In order to bring an extra detail of luxuriousness into a space, opt for wallpaper that has a 3D texture look and feel! We love using Vahallan wallpaper because this brand is unique, hand-painted, and every client raves about the overall feel and quality of the products themselves. When entertaining friends & family, this is also a great conversation piece and it brings a level of freshness & glam to a space. You can find more of our Vahallan looks on our website and Instagram!

From New Build, To Yours


If you have a new build home, then it's time to customize ASAP! This Nashville home got a full Thibaut makeover for its durability, elegance, and rich cool tones. This upstairs hallway was plain white and needed some love, so we paneled the wallpaper into the hall itself to bring out this wall. If you have a section of your home that's in need of color, texture, or love...then choose a high-end wall dressing such as Thibaut to elevate your space and to create a unique accent wall! You can find more of our Thibaut looks on our website and Instagram!

If you're ever looking to revamp your home, then wallpaper is THE way to go! There's so many options when it comes to colors, textures, and murals...don't be afraid to let your creativity soar.

Thanks for stopping by & be sure to check out more of My Favorite Things.